Report on new technologies and open educational resources

On 25 September 2013, the Commission presented its communication entitled ‘Opening up Education: Innovative teaching and learning for all through new Technologies and Open Educational Resources’. The document identifies challenges in three fields:

  • (1) Innovation in education and training institutions;
  • (2) Use of Open Educational Resources (OER);
  • (3) Availability of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructures and equipment.

The Commission’s suggestions for the Member States and education & training institutions include:

  • (1) Increasing recognition of skills acquired online and supporting teachers’ acquisition of digital competences;
  • (2) Promoting open access to publicly-funded educational materials;
  • (3) Improving broadband connectivity and ICT equipment at the classroom level.

The rapporteur believes that, in light of the current economic crisis, and against the backdrop of high youth unemployment, one increasingly important challenge facing the Member States is to provide young people with a quality education.