Inclusive Education Policy Is A Vehicle For Growth

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The author/columnist is the Executive Director of Ghana Blind Union who holds a Doctorate Degree from the University of Ghana. For some time now, he has been working with people with disability and therefore is qualified to offer suggestions on inclusive education needed to ensure that many disabled persons would become professionals and be able to hold their own in society: Now read on In this modern world, it goes without saying that education is the key to development of every nation. Ghana is a nation that has chosen this path. In line with this, policies and programmes are being rolled out to ensure that our country moves along with the rest of the world in terms of use and access to quality education. As we roll out such policies and programmes it is of crucial importance however to ensure that those learners with disability or any form of special educational needs are not left behind in this regard. The challenge we face as a nation is how to make education accessible and

Source: Inclusive Education Policy Is A Vehicle For Growth