Disruptive Innovations IV – Citi Private Bank

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Ten More Things to Stop and Think About

From bendable electronics to new plastic sea pipe technology, Citi Research told clients what the biggest disruptive innovations in the world today are and how to invest in them.

Citi’s global research team sent a report titled “Disruptive Innovations IV” on Tuesday. They presented 10 innovations that may seem outlandish to some, but the bank feels strongly enough about them that it is telling clients to put their investment dollars behind the trends right now.

The 10 innovations are:

  1. “Energy: The Big Data Revolution”
  2. “Contextual Commerce”
  3. “Direct-to-Consumer Marketplace”
  4. “Epigenetics” [software to determine cell function]
  5. “The Future Look of Devices”
  6. “The Smart Box” [internet-connected home device]
  7. “Next Gen Ocular Delivery” [drug delivery through the eyes]
  8. “Open Source Robotics”
  9. “Thermoplastic Subsea Pipes”
  10. “Wide Bandgap Semiconductors”

Source: Disruptive Innovations IV – Citi Private Bank