Harnessing the EdTech revolution in Africa | Africa Times

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EdTech Summit Africa, now in its fifth year, has been gathering teachers in Ghana, Swaziland and South Africa for connected workshops on how to integrate more EdTech into the experience of African students in the classroom and beyond. The 2017 Ed Tech Summit Africa begins in late July, and embodies the definition of EdTech by focusing on both the technological resources and educational theory used to improve learning outcomes. That use of technology to facilitate learning has exploded worldwide in recent years, with the increasingly connected African continent poised to tap into EdTech resources that create new opportunities for learning. What is e-learning? Electronic learning is just one component of EdTech but is a term most people are familiar with. Since the late 1990s, it has referred to the use of electronic devices like computers in learning situations such as online courses, multimedia presentations or interactive classrooms. E-learning has evolved over the years and now

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